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The Texas Association of Defense Counsel, Inc. is an organization of Texas civil trial attorneys in private
practice whose purpose is to bring together by association, communication and organization, lawyers of Texas who devote a substantial amount of their professional time to the handling of litigated civil cases and whose representation in such cases is primarily other than of plaintiffs’ personal injury cases.

Our Mission For Diversity

The Texas Association of Defense Counsel (TADC) is the state organization of lawyers involved in the defense of personal injury litigation and in the representation of civil litigation. As such, the TADC expresses its strong commitment to the goal of racial and ethnic diversity in its membership. Our member attorneys conduct business throughout Texas, the United States, and around the world, and TADC values the perspectives and varied experiences which are found only in a diverse membership. The promotion and retention of a diverse membership is essential to the success of our organization as a whole, as well as our respective professional pursuits. Diversity brings to our organization a broader and richer environment which produces creative thinking and solutions. As such, TADC embraces and encourages diversity in all aspects of its activities. The TADC is committed to creating and maintaining a culture that supports and promotes diversity in its organization.

Upcoming Events

We have many unique CLE events, luncheons, happy hours and seminars each year. Click to the left for our calendar of events to find out what’s happening in cities near you and all across the globe.